Bring Home The Colors Of Happiness


I am a self-taught artist.  I paint since my young age.  I grew up in the urban suburbs of Ottawa, but I was lucky enough to enjoy crickets, loons, sunsets, autumn colors, creek and lake noise at my grandparents' cottage near the city. I liked to sit on the dock just to admire around me and enjoy the beauty of nature. My memories have built the basis of my artistic itinerary.

I invest myself (body and soul) in the creation of each of my artwork. The depth and the choice of colors attract the attention.  I like to let the paint do what he wants. It is the beginning of my relationship with my canvas.  I then transposes my  emotions with my brush in energetic blows and with my spatula.

From pale to dark, I play with textures and enjoy removing or adding the paint on my canvas. The abstract is a self expression.

In my new collection called Simply Being, I explores the symbiosis of our inner state with our external environment.  It seeks to express the present moment by the spontaneity of the gesture.  I want to relate, affirm, without prejudice, without resistance, what the human seeks to understand.


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