I have not always been a full-time painter.  Life decided that I studied for 10 years at Ottawa University to obtain 2 bachelor’s degrees (physical geography and leisure science) and a master degree in sport administration. I then worked in a few cities in Quebec as Director of Culture and Recreation.


During all these years, I felt that I missed something:  creation.  In 1989 I took over my brush as a pastime and today I sell my paintings and prints to art lovers around the world.


I know work in Cowansville in the beautiful Eastern Township in Quebec (Canada).


I chose to use the Etsy platform to sell my artworks. For me, it's a way to reach millions of people around the world within one click.


My best gift is when people are happy with their purchase. Simply seeing their face tells me a lot about their emotions.


I also exhibit in different galleries and symposiums where I like the relation with my admirers.  A smile on their face and interest in my art shows me that my artworks touch people.


Through social networks, I often offer sneak peak and work in progress of a painting to show to my fans the stages of the creative process.


A painting adds a personal touch that harmonizes with the decor of a home.  Every painting from JDArtiste is an authentic work that expresses both my creativity and my emotions.  Every person is unique and that's what makes diversity around the world.


I dedicate myself  to the creation of each of my artworks. The depth and the choice of colors attract the eye. What I like about abstract art is that I do not have a preconceived idea.  I like to let go and especially let the painting do what it wants.  That is the beginning of my relationship with my canvas.  And that's when the magic begins ...


Julie (JDArtiste)