Julie comes from Ottawa, Ontario (Canada).  When I was a kid, my drawings where all over the walls and on the refrigerator.  Art has always been part of my life: painting, drawing, photography, sculpture.  Unfortunetely, I neglected my passion of Art because at that time I thought I should study in something else then Art  at the University (wrong decision !).  A few years later, I realized that my professionnal choice as a leisure and culture director in different towns and mostly because of my past, where all responsible for not be able to fully development my art.
My passion was so strong that she came back in different moments of my life.  But it is in 2011 that my life changed.  A breast cancer help me think about my real passions in life.  I finally understood that my career did not allowed me to achieve true happiness.  Sometimes, life teach us to slow down and enjoy life.  Since my last treatment for cancer in 2013, I decided to change my life.
I have two bachelor degrees and one master degree.  But that did not stop me to achieve my dream.  I always wanted to be a full time and popular artist.  Today, I can tell you that I am happy to be an artist !  I do not regret my past life but let me tell you that if you have a dream, go for it !  Do everything to achieve your goal, your dream.
 Artistic studies
2017    Sculpture 3, Bishop University
2016    Sculpture 2, Bishop University
2015    Sculpture 1 - Printworking, Bishop University 
2014    Nature drawing course, Bishop University
2014    Fiber art course, Bishop University
2013   Webinary with Johannes Vloothuis:
                       - Essentials of painting trees
                       - Essentials of painting waterfalls 
2013   Collagraphy techniques workshop, Studio Sorge with Bernice Sorge, Dunham, Qc
2013   Monotype workshop, Studio Sorge with Bernice Sorge, Dunham, Qc
2012   Acrylic painting workshop with Pascale Bouchard, Cowansville, Qc
2011   Oil painting workshop with Kylie Sandford, Cowansville, Qc
2011    Stained glass workshop with Vitres et Passions, St-Alphonse-de-Granby, Qc
Academic studies
2006-2007      Professionnal course «lancement d’entreprise», Longueuil, Québec
1995-1998      Master degree, Sport administration, University of Ottawa
1993-1995      Bachelar, Leisure science, University of Ottawa
1989-1993      Bachelar, Physic geography, University of Ottawa
Membership and professionnal experience in art
2012-2013     Saler for Galerie Rouge art contemporain, Cowansville, Qc
2014-2015    Membership Conseil des arts d'Aylmer, Qc (
2014              Membership RAAV (Le regroupement des artistes en arts visuels du Québec), Qc (
2014 -            Membership as an artist of Galerie Art Sutton
May 8 - June 30 2014                Group exhibition - Prints (monotype), Galerie Art Sutton, Qc 
July 12 & 26 2014                       Les samedis artisans à Venise-en Québec
October 2014                             Group exhibition «Orange», Bruck Museum, Cowansville, Qc
October 2014                             Promenade des arts, Cowansville, Qc
October - december 2014        Group Exhibition, Galerie Art Aylmer
April 24 - 26 2015                       Le salon des arts visuels de Brossard 
July 4 2015                                   Les samedis artisans à Venise-en-Québec                 
Sept 1 - October 11 2015          Group exhibition «Turquoise», Bruck Museum, Cowansville, Qc
September 27 2015                    Journée de la culture «My studio will be open to public»
October 11 2015                         Promenade des arts, 6e edition, Cowansville, Qc    
October - December 2015         Group exhibition, Galerie Mp Tresart, Durham-Sud, Qc
January - March 2016                  Group exhibition, Galerie Mp Tresart, Durham-Sud, Qc
April 2016                                      Art Symposium, Brossard, Quebec
May - June 2016                           Duo Exhibition, Cowansville, Qc (Gabriel-Giroux-Bertrand public Library
Mai 2016                                       One artwork have been chosen for a poetry / art book - MP Tresart Gallery     

March - April 2016                       Exhibition, Arts Sutton, Sutton, Québec  

October 2016                                Exhibition «Pink», Bruck Museum, Cowansville, Quebec

October 2014-                               Promenade des Arts, Cowansville, Quebec

April 28-30 2017                            Art Symposium, Brossard, Québec

October 2017                                 Exhibition of my photography «Through my Eyes», Arts Sutton, Sutton, Quebec

New exhibitions dates will be post soon.